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From direct mail to data-driven strategy

For more than 30 years American Spirit Corporation has been a pioneer in addressable media, delivering customized direct response campaigns that have delivered our loyal clients consistently successful results.

Data drives everything.

Get the details on our omnichannel approach to reaching your audiences.

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Our Marketing Evolution

Today, we’ve broadened our approach to harness the power of high-quality data. After all, instinct and experience can only get us so far – but numbers and behaviors tell a real, reliable story. Data tells us who to reach, what the optimal communication channel needs to be for each audience, and what to say in order to be more genuine, personal and effective with our delivery.

Now, with roots in addressable media and next generation in-house data solutions, we’re able to activate multiple marketing channels in order to offer clients a wide range of delivery options. Regardless of your needs, it all comes back to the same thoughtful, comprehensive approach: we start with quality data and select the best targets to build the blueprint required to execute a more personal, strategic campaign that works.

About Us

American Spirit Corporation offers a single-source, comprehensive approach to integrated, strategic marketing. We partner with companies of all sizes in nearly every industry to provide innovative data services, scalable and premium printing capabilities, and optimized mailing services.

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