Digital-to-Offline Retargeting

Digital-to-Offline Retargeting

Best practices for integrating your online and direct mail efforts into one targeted campaign

As new digital channels continue to emerge, it can be tempting to place your entire focus on reaching prospects through digital targeting. But before you abandon direct mail, take note: more and more marketers are finding that a hybrid program that integrates targeted direct mail into the clickstream can be an incredibly effective way to reach out to “Responder, Non-Converters” (RNC) – consumers who respond to a marketing message but fail to convert.

With digital-to-offline retargeting, a prospect who arrives to your digital page after seeing a marketing message, looks around and then leaves, can receive a highly relevant direct mail piece within a matter of days, offering a now targeted promotion and a new opportunity to convert.

Optimizing Offline Retargeting

Through our proprietary Insite RealTime™ tool, American Spirit Corporation owns the exclusive ability to help companies better identify the consumers who visit their websites. This tool, combined with our extensive data and direct mail expertise, allows us to better integrate digital and direct mail initiatives – and gives us unique perspective on best practices that can ensure the success of your digital-to-offline retargeting program.

1. Identify your prospects on a meaningful level
Many marketers lack the ability to identify consumers beyond the type of device they’re using. Insite RealTime delivers real-time demographic information for consumers who visit a web page, “kick the tires” and depart. This offers a great opportunity to collect valuable RNC data, which achieves four to six times the lift of traditional scored prospect data.

2. Collect the right data
Ask for too much information (like an email address, phone number or date of birth) or require a visitor to fill out a form, and there’s a good chance they’ll run the other way. The conversion metric for both email collection and form completion hovers around just 2%.

Insite RealTime only asks for two simple things: Name and ZIP code. In return, the marketer can access the information needed to deliver custom HTML content and automate a retargeting mail piece and the prospect never feels like you’ve asked too much of them. Our testing shows that consumers are 8 times as likely to provide name and ZIP versus an email address, and 12 times as likely versus completing a long form.

3. Offer an exchange of value
Even though consumers are more likely to offer up their name and ZIP code over more invasive requests, they still want something in return. Make sure the direct mail you send, or the digital information you unlock, provides exclusive content, special incentives or other equally enticing offers.

Digital-to-offline retargeting can help you integrate digital and direct mail in a more targeted, strategic way – and American Spirit Corporation can deliver the proprietary tools and expertise you need to make the most of your efforts. Learn more about our retargeting capabilities, or contact us today to get started.


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