Kick up conversion rates with this innovative marketing tactic

Prospect Relationship Marketing uses your site visitor data to better identify prospects

Hero Image ASC-003Whether you measure online conversion rates by how many visitors make a purchase, sign up for your
newsletter or contact a sales representative, the hard truth is most would-be customers – over 90% – aren’t converting at all. That’s a huge number, and within it, we see a lot of potential.

What if you could get to know the online visitors who load up a cart and leave? Or abandon a form before it’s complete? At American Spirit, our solutions team is utilizing web-based lead scoring to help clients market to qualified prospects on a deeper, more specific level – turning a formerly anonymous interaction into a personalized exchange.

Understanding web-based lead scoring
Today, most marketers focus on obtaining an IP address or Device ID from their web traffic. In general, this only allows for static retargeting via display ads that lead the prospect back to the website they abandoned in the first place. We’ve opted for a more thoughtful approach. 

Prospect Relationship Marketing (PRM), our unique take on web-based lead scoring, involves singling out potential buyers who visit a web page, indexing them against a client’s statistical model, and then identifying them on a level that allows us to market to them in a more strategic, successful manner. Through our PRM tactics and the use of our proprietary Insite RealTime™ tool, our clients are able to obtain consumer-level identifications that allow for more relevant, personalized follow-up marketing. Plus, they have the power to continually connect with that visitor for more effective retargeting.

A recent success story
By collaborating with American Spirit Data Solutions, utilizing our PRM tactics and our Insite RealTime tool, the nation’s leading relocation service provider was able to implement a customized marketing strategy to reach its prospects. After obtaining its consumers’ demographic profile early in the engagement cycle, the company proceeded to customize the call center script delivered to each customer. By talking to each customer in a uniquely personal way, they saw a significant increase in booked appointments and conversions.

“From our perspective, people who visit a specific web page are there for a reason. They’re doing research on a product or service, which means a transaction is a very real possibility,” says David Nugent, VP Data Solutions at American Spirit Corporation. By identifying that consumer at the right moment, we’re able to help our clients initiate one-to-one retargeting for more effective results.”

If you’re like most marketers, you’re already investing a great deal of time and money in your web presence. But, chances are, your conversion rates aren’t keeping up with your investment. By using PRM to identify and target specific consumers, you’ll have the power to increase your conversion rate in an efficient, effective way.

To find out how American Spirit Data Solutions can help you increase your conversion rates through PRM, visit our website or contact an ASDS representative today at 630-541-3434.


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