Consumer Hypertargeting

Beyond the demographics and basic profiles that are typically used in identifying and analyzing target audiences, Consumer Hypertargeting gives us the power to identify your audiences at an attitudinal level.

We do this by combining demographic data with psychographic information, or behavioral characteristics, in order to produce a far more sophisticated statistical model.

Once you understand how members of an audience think, it becomes even easier to craft messaging and choose a channel mix that will reach them where they are – physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Here's how it works:

We utilize targeting technology to help identify and reach target consumers with pinpoint accuracy.  Instead of targeting based on demos or carpeting entire geographical areas with samples, we identify and communicate with consumers that are statistically to be most likely to give your product or service a try and convert. 

We manage the complete process for a turnkey trial generation solution.

Consumer Hypertargeting

Talk with a member of our team about Consumer Hypertargeting and how it can help you better understand your audience and significantly increase campaign performance.

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