omnichannel approach

Omnichannel Approach

An Omnichannel Approach is an objective marketing strategy. We remain “channel agnostic,” depending entirely on what the data tells us to do. This means that any marketing channel is fair game, as long as the numbers show that it’s the right fit for a particular audience. 

Key Category Channels

Whether a campaign calls for a service we offer directly or a channel we can access through our exclusive partnerships, we’ll use it – along with data-driven messaging that speaks directly to a particular audience. Some of the key marketing channels we use include:

  1. Direct Print Communication
  2. Email
  3. Social Media
  4. Display / Mobile Display
  5. Internet Radio
  6. Television

For example, if the data we find on your audience suggests that a combined digital and broadcast strategy is going to be the best way to reach prospective customers, those are the outlets we’ll utilize in our multi-channel campaign. It’s simple, indisputable, unbiased and highly effective. And it’s all based on a data-driven blueprint.

The Omnichannel Marketing Approach at ASC

Start crafting a campaign that speaks directly to your customers.

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