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To put it simply, data can make or break a marketing campaign. Equipped with the right information, you can speak to customers on an entirely new level or expand your prospect universe meaningfully.

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Whether information is provided from in-house databases that we maintain or through strategic partnerships with leading data providers, we’re able to offer access to:

Consumer Data

We license and maintain a continually updated national database of more than 250 million consumers from one of the nation’s leading and most reliable compilers.


Business Data

Our national business file contains more than 14 million triple verified records with 22 million contacts. This file is updated monthly.


Specialty Data

For instances when a more specific level of data is needed – “women aged 30 to 50 who shop at specialty retail stores” for example – we’re able to incorporate specialty data to craft ultra-targeted marketing programs.


Life Event Data

Our life event databases contain lists such as new movers, new homeowners, expecting parents, and more. 


Saturation Data

Need to reach every address in a particular area?  We have you covered. Our saturation database includes every business and residential postal addresses.


Strong Saturation

If you’re looking to achieve saturation postal rates but don’t want to mail every household, Strong Saturation is the perfect solution.  Eliminating poor prospects from a mailing list, yet maintaining saturation postal rates is a great way to boost ROI.


Email Data

Our email database consists of more than 100 million opt-in email addresses that we can filter based on demographics and psychographics.


Custom Lists

Our in-house databases exceed 650 million records. If there is a list out there that we are not able to find for you, we can create a hybrid list to fit your needs and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

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American Spirit Corporation offers a single-source, comprehensive approach to integrated, strategic marketing. We partner with companies of all sizes in nearly every industry to provide innovative data services, scalable and premium printing capabilities, and optimized mailing services.

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